The Server Admins Team

We’re a group of Server Admins and Internet experts who have banded together to bring the ultimate in full-service agency services to the web. Server management? We can handle that. Full website redesign, yup. That too. Come at us, bro!

Our Approach to Server Management

ServerAdmins.us is a USA-based server management company that has provided server management to companies of all sizes and throughout a wide range of industries.

Our dedicated team of system experts are here to help you with any server or web hosting task, big or small. With knowledgeable staff ready to fix any issue or deploy systems of any almost any spec-level or requirements, our staff has the skills necessary to ensure project success.

We are a do-it-all (full-service) IT company with services ranging from one time server management jobs to network administration and packages for most popular services.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Kevin P

Kevin P

Professional Developer

We are coders, we do not have time for dealing with idiots. Before ServerAdmins.us became our provider it was one farce after another with other management companies. We would get such promises from other companies and then when called on to perform minor things like setup a django environment we would get them telling us they don’t support certain environments AFTER I signup. I could go on all day about the stuff we had to deal with before. I am glad we are with ServerAdmins.us now. We tell them to do something, no matter what it is, they do it, no questions asked and no idiocy to deal with.

Michelle T

Michelle T

Director of Design

We run a small business with mission critical machines and need our data to be safe at all times. Before using server admins we had [redacted] which ended up formatting our entire raid array when they was only supposed to do a SMART check. Then we went on to use [redacted] who was supposed to be the best in the business and all this only to hear their only solution to anything as reformatting. So, we went to ServerAdmins.us who was then able to fix a problem server without reformatting and helped make our overall setup finally redundant (which we had asked and been promised by so many others to do… yet could not). I found out that most so-called server management companies hire $3 an hour sweat shop workers who simply Google everything in hopes of winging it. With ServerAdmins.us, their admins and techs already have all the knowledge and can put it to use. We don’t have time to worry about our server management when we are busy staying in business so we trust ServerAdmin.us and that is that!

Lisa H

Lisa H

Big Data & Business Intelligence Expert

I have used ServerAdmins.us since their inception and before that I had worked with 2 of their admins. I can say, these guys know their stuff and it is very refreshing dealing with someone on the same continent as me when needing support. We have used them for various windows and Linuxrelated server management services and have never been let down. Before I worked with these guys we went through so many different contractors on oDesk, management services which claim to be based in US only to have Indian guys renamed “Bob” there to lead you through a support nightmare. Simply put, they are good and we recommend them.


Mari Garrix

Mari Garrix

Head of Sales

 ServerAdmins.us has been absolutely crucial in the growth of our company online. Before we found them, we were constantly dealing with broken things on our website and getting stupid emails from customers about this or that wasn’t working, and we honestly seemed to spend more time fixing broken things on our website or on the phone with GoDaddy or one of the various web hosts we used. After a short consultation with ServerAdmins.us they moved us to a managed server and we’ve been able to focus on sales and growth of our online brand for the past 5 years now…. and it’s been night and day……. not a SINGLE hiccup!!! They’re what we like to call around the office, our “Secret Weapon” when it comes to standing out among our competition. They even manage our Shopify stores and FB Ads nowadays!


Services We Offer

Basically anything that can be done remotely to any type of systems or networks, we can handle for you, no problemo’.

We can also arrange for local hands-on support and physical management in coordination with our remote team. Basically, we can “get it done” no matter what. Contact us right now for a quote

Linux & Windows Management

We offer systems management for pretty much any type of operating system, of course the most popular Windows and Linux flavors. We also have years of experience maintaining Mac OSX server environments and other various BSD installs and custom systems.

Network Administration

We can remotely manage pretty much anything type of network. Development environments, production deployments, and anything and everything you need. We can fly people out, hire and coordinate local contractors, and deploy your vision for your company in record time. Get in touch today for a free evaluation.

Out-Sourced Tech Support

Are you a local PC repair guy looking to outsource your server and network management to a reliable team of experts. That way, you can focus on growing your local PC repair business and looking like a “God among men” to your business clients? Let us save the day, and YOU take credit for it! Contact us today for a free quote.

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