Active Monitoring

$9.95 USD/mo

Our staff monitors your server and notifies you right away of any downtime. Depending on the situation, we can resolve it right away or let you know what will be required to fix the issue.

Monitor up to 50 sites as often as every 5 min

Basic Management

$49.95 USD/mo

Our basic server management plan that covers the common setup tasks such as new server configs, server hardening, cpanel setup, etc. We can take care of all the basics for you in no time flat!

Standard Management

$99.95 USD/mo

Our most popular server management plan that covers most common tasks such as new server setups, server migrations, environment setups, configurations, etc. Leave the heavy lifting to us and breath a sigh of relief!

Full Management

$249.95 USD/mo

Full server management plan that covers the majority of server tasks and network maintenance. Get your server migrated, core systems updated, etc.

Enterprise Management

$999.95 USD/mo

Complete server management that covers all server tasks and network maintenance needed by client. The ultimate in server management outsourcing for high-demand server configurations.

Monitor up to 1000 sites as often as every 1 min


$250.00 USD

EMERGENCY Rush-Order Support service

Server Migration

$35.00 USD

For site and server migrations. Covers standard migrations. Highly complex migrations and deployments must be custom quoted.

Script Upgrade Service

$175.00 USD

For upgrading scripts and cleaning them of malware or spam infections