Serveradmins.us provides professional server management for all types of media servers. Mission critical support and uptime is a necessity to stay competitive in the rapidly growing internet media market and we can provide the management to give you peace of mind. Your media server will be setup and otpmized for maximum load and/or redundancy. We can do cluster setups, multiple servers and cloud for any type of setup regardless of operation system or software.

Some examples of our media server management services. If you do not see something here which you need help with, please Contact Us to inquire.

  • Red5 Server Managment and Setups
  • Flash Media Server Management and Setups
  • Icecast and Shoutcast Server Management and Setups
  • Wowza Server Management and Setups
  • Windows Media Services Server Management and Setups
  • and much more, Contact Us for specialized setups and requests