One of our specialties here at serveradmins.us is server security and hardening. No matter what type of web service you run, security is the single most important thing to stay on top of.  Keeping a server secure and up to date cane be a hassle, especially if you are fociusing on other things like running your site or business,  Leave the worries to us and sleep easy at night.

We offer different levels of security based on environment and implementation, below are our basic pricing and plans. If you have a cusotm inquriy Contact Us and we will get back to you quickly.

Web Hosting and Multi User Servers
Full Hardening and Security – includes all system level security, firewall, tcp stack tuning, services hardening, Also on apache servers we install and configure mod_security with a light up to date ruleset.

$99.00 for one time service
$49.99 with any management plan

Hacked Server Recovery
Setup new system, clean and inspect restored files, investigation and identification of cause, and hardening,

$129.00 for reloaded system + restoration
$199.00 for systems that cannot be reloaded and current OS and files needs to be cleaned and secured

In Depth Server and Network Security
We have experienced systems and network admins on hand to do nearly any setup. Prices and plans can vary depending on the job, please Contact Us for quote.