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Imagine a cost-effective and easy way to manage up-time monitoring across your servers. Add a server or domain to track, set a few options, and be notified instantly notified via SMS or Email if your sites ever go down.

Now, imagine that same solution, but with a team of highly-trained server admins behind it to take care of any reported issues. Talk about peace of mind!

Well… we’re excited to announce that we offer that exact solution with our new Active Monitoring service!!


For only $9.95/mo our Active Monitoring service allows you to monitor your servers as desired, as well as have our staff on-hand 24/7 in case of any downtime or emergencies.

Sleep soundly at night knowing your network is in good hands.   Sign up today!


We offer solutions for server and network owners of all types. Monitor anywhere from 1 – 10,000 servers with our service. For anything over a few hundred servers, please contact us for custom solutions.