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Ddos Mitigation Services by Serveradmins.us

Serveradmins.us offers affordable and reliable services for stopping or preventing ddos attacks.  We can do this most of the time without the needs for expensive equipment using clustering technologies and software firewalls.

Protection is much more affordable then overpriced proxying or hosting solutions as we utilize powerful x86 machines and cheap ingress bandwidth to offer the most affordable costs.

Contact Us  to get started. If you are under attack, no problem we offer emergency setup services as well and can get you under protection within 2 hours in most situations!

Proxied Protection
Keep your site or server where it is without changing hosts, Simply change dns records and let us filter the traffic and forward legit traffic to you. if you have a forum or user driven site we can use forwarded headers with modification of your target server’s config to insure all users are tracked with their real ip address instead of proxy ip.
Pricing is dependent on legit bandwidth needed as well as size of protection needed. We have 2 standard plans as follows, Contact Us to get started or for custom quote. Give all information you have on attack size, strength and normal bandwidth usage.

DDoS Protected Managed Servers or Clusters
We can do any possible setup to combat attacks to suit your budget. Example setups are clusters, multiple servers at different locations, failover dns, load balancing and much more. We can do this at any network or datacenter that can suit the bandwidth, protection and hardware needs. Unlimited amount of protection available. We have mitigated up to 30gbs using this method and can do even more depending on your needs.

Shared Hosting Protection

For smaller level attacks or sites that do not normally need a dedicated server. Protection ranges from 100mbs/25k pps up to 2 gbs/1mil pps. Servers are litespeed powered, current php/mysql, cpanel, softaculous scripts installed and unlimited account features.