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Do you own a web hosting company and want to outsource the support but dont want to turn to overseas vendors? We can help you with USA-based server admins.

As more tech support jobs are going overseas people realize the drop in quality and communication issues that can arise.  Whether companies simply try to find the cheapest available alternative or they cannot find anyone in their area to do the work, there are many reasons US based companies choose overseas tech support.  Our main goal at Serveradmins.us is to provide American customers with American techs, someone that speaks your language fluently with no unrecognizable accent as well as skilled people to handle any job.  We believe that most US based businesses do want quality and ease of communication.  Also, we believe that most US based businesses would rather contribute to the US economy rather then a foreign one.

Serveradmins.us US based admin/tech support services offer many advantages for US based businesses over overseas solutions.

  • Top quality support – You get what you pay for and when you pay for our services we go above and beyond.
  • Communications – Speak to someone in the states, in your own time zone at any time 24/7
  • Experience and Expertise – All of our techs and admins have at least 5 years experience as well as certifications
  • Resolution – there is not any problem we cannot handle on servers and workstations in a timely manner






Managed servers provided by Serveradmins.us offers advantage over having unmanged dedicated servers in that you can have all your billing in one place as well as having the support you need.  When you have a managed dedicated server from Serveradmins.us you simply tell us what you want and we deliver,  We offer managed dedicated servers and VPS custom fit for you and your business. Also we can setup High Availability or High Performance computing clusters as well as other advanced setups. Large ip blocks needed? No problem, We can as many ips as you need for seo and other purposes.

Trust ServerAdmins.us for your Managed Server Hosting needs today and sit back and let us do all the heavy lifting!

Any operating system or control panel we support on all of our services. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back!

Please Contact Us for a quote on managed hosting services.



Setting up the Apache web server can be a somewhat arduous task for new server admins. We can help simplify the process by performing all the common Apache configuration tasks quickly and easily for your system.

Along with helping ease the setup and maintenance of your Apache based web servers, we can help keep them up to date as well as implement proper security hardening and other necessary precautions to be protected on the modern web.

Virtual hosts, SSL certificates, Apache modules, and other fun Apache tasks are our specialty and we enjoy geeking out on fun Apache configs. We’d love to help take the responsibility off of your shoulders, and help ensure success for your project.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

We love configuring servers! It’s one of our favorite past-times.

If you have a server you need maintained, hardened, fixed, diagnosed, or setup.. contact us right away! We could already be taking care of this for you, and taking the stress off your plate.

Leave it to trusted professionals to maintain the complex systems that your business relies on for it’s daily operations. This leaves you to focus on more important things, like running the business.

For as little $9/month you can have our staff monitoring your server’s up-time and remotely assisting you to ensure things are always running smoothly.

The new ServerAdmins.us is now online and ready for business! Let us know if you need any server management services by contacting us or giving us a call at our toll-free helpline.

We offer Server management and systems administration services.