We simply asked some of our pleased clients what kind of experiences they had with other providers before coming to serveradmins.us and how they like our services. We can provide phone and email references upon request. Below are our server management reviews.


We are coders, we do not have time for dealing with idiots. Before serveradmins.us became our provider it was one farce after another with other management companies. We would get such promises from other companies and then when called on to perform minor things like setup a django environment we would get them telling us they don’t support certain environments AFTER I signup. I could go on all day about the stuff we had to deal with before. I am glad we are with serveradmins.us now. We tell them to do something, no matter what it is, they do it, no questions asked and no idiocy to deal with.
Kevin P.

We run a small business with mission critical machines and need our data to be safe at all times. Before using server admins we had [redacted] which ended up formatting our entire raid array when they was only supposed to do a SMART check. Then we went on to use [redacted] who was supposed to be the best in the business and all this only to hear their only solution to anything as reformatting. So we went to serveradmins.us who was able to fix a problem server without reformatting and then helped make our overall setup finally redundant which we had asked and been promised by so many others to do yet could not. I found out that most so called server management companies hire $3 an hour sweat shop workers who simply google everything in hopes of winging it. With serveradmins, their admins and techs already have all the knowledge and can put it to use. We dont have time to worry about our server management when we are busy staying in business so we trust serveradmins and that is that!
Michael T.

I have used serveradmins since their inception and before that I had worked with 2 of their admins. I can say, these guys know their stuff and it is very refreshing dealing with someone on the same continent as me when needing support. We have used them for various windows and linux related server management services and have never been let down. Before I worked with these guys we went through so many different contractors on odesk, management services which claim to be based in US only to have indian guys renamed Bob there to lead you through a support nightmare. Simply put, they are good and we recommend them.

Ian H.